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  • Compass

    Message for May

    Dear friends, One of the great truths of the Bible is that our existence on this earth is not by accident but by design. In...

  • Easter

    Message for April

    Dear friends, Easter is almost upon us and it’s made the main headlines in the News! It was reported that the Church of England is...

  • suffering

    Message for March

    Dear friends, Life, for so many of us, can be more like a cloudy sky than a clear one, more like darkness than light, more...

  • providence

    Message for February

    Dear friends, Psalm 31:15 assures us that our times are in God’s hands. In other words all our days are lived out not randomly or...

  • BacktoReality

    Message for January

    Dear friends, ‘Back to Life; Back to Reality’. So goes the title of the 1994 hit song for the British R and B Band Soul...

  • jesus-is-the-reason

    Message for December

    Ramblings from the Rev Dear friends, It’s that time of the year again! Christmas time has become a bit like marmite to so many of...