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20s/30s Group


The group raised £125 last semester which was used to invest in 2 toilets, one in Bangladesh and the other in Guatemala. This was done through ‘Toilet Twinning’ for people who would otherwise not have access to a good sanitation system. This might sound something a bit odd to contribute towards, but consider the following statistics:

• 2.5 billion people- that’s 40% of the world’s population- do not have access to somewhere safe, private or hygienic to go to the toilet
• Every minute a child dies from diarrhoeal diseases
• 60% of all rural diseases are caused by poor hygiene and sanitation
• Investing in sanitation is one of the most cost-effective forms of aid
• For every £1 spent on water and sanitation programmes, £8 is returned through saved time, reduced costs and increased productivity

So by supporting these toilets, our young folk are helping to flush away poverty! For more information see

This semester the group has chosen to support TEAR Fund’s ‘No Child Taken’ campaign which promotes the danger millions of children across the world are in of being sold into slavery. We saw a short DVD clip at a recent mid-week meeting highlighting some of the ways children are used when trafficked. The campaign reminds us that ‘a child is trafficked every 30 seconds’. Supporting this cause will help prevent this from happening.

The group recommences on the 17th January and is open to everyone in this age range. If you haven’t come along up until now why don’t you consider joining us every Sunday night in the Manse from 8pm-9pm for good fun and fellowship and of course food!

This semester we’re looking at a variety of relational matters and issues through a DVD resource called ‘The Wisdom House’. It’s practical, biblical and very helpful.

Colin MacLeod

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