Morals, Motives and Men’s Secrets!!

Romans 2: 1-16


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    Catherine says

    Thank you for the ice bucket thrown over me! What for me was such an inspirational service and reduced me to tears as I finally acknowledged what I have felt for so many months,my rooting of my faith in the Lord.Complacency certainly is not the way forward and now I can illness allowing go forward,attending services and say I am a Christian,attending Free North and developing myself as a person who can bear the Lords fruit.Thank you for this sermon online facility it is so valuable to disabled people like me who cannot always attend.Your message to come forward to the Table and partake of the bread and wine is inspirational ,the Lord Has shown his mercy to me and my family in many ways and lately the inner peace felt inside me as I pray and meditate daily has been a great comfort,I hope this sermon inspires others as it has me.

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      Colin Macleod says

      may the Lord continue to bless you Catherine!

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