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Building alteration plans

New Toilet Block and Fellowship Area
Our Architects are now well on with the plans for the creation of the new toilet block in the space currently occupied by the lower session room and the new fellowship area at the rear of the church below the gallery.

We expect to have final drawings and 3D graphics showing the new facilities available and on display very soon. In the meantime, to give you an overview of the project, what is proposed and planned for is the creation of new state of the art ladies, gents and wheelchair friendly toilets located where the existing lower session room is. The Deacons’ Court, mindful of our varied uses of the building, have decided to included both baby changing facilities and a shower within this area. As part of this phase of the work, the small toilet located beside the kitchen will also be modernised.

Within the church itself, the project involves removing the pews below the gallery on the ground floor and creating an office space on the left as you enter the building, the space to the right will incorporate both an additional toilet and a small servery / tea preparation area. The area in the centre will, when the present unused pews are removed, allow us to have a sizeable fellowship area opening up many possibilities for using this space.

To close off the fellowship area, the new office and the other facilities from the sanctuary a new “back wall” will be erected immediately in line with the front of the gallery. This will be redecorated in keeping with the existing colour scheme and will, when completed, be indistinguishable from the rest of the building.

The plans and drawings will be displayed as soon as they are available and where they can be viewed will be announced in the weekly notice sheet.

Alec MacPhail
Clerk To Deacons’ Court

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