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Building alterations

New Invalid Facilities, etc

Over a year ago a request was made to the Deacons Court that we bring our Church up to the required minimum standard regarding Invalid Toilet Facilities along with more modern Male and Female Toilet and Baby change facilities. During the ensuing months the works committee presented different proposals at various Deacons Court meetings regarding where those facilities could be best located. It became the mind of the Court that the favoured option would be to convert the Lower Session Room to new Invalid, Male and Female toilet facilities.

The court recognised that in losing the Lower Session Room we would require an alternative meeting room and further to discussing various proposals it became clear that the unused area under the gallery at the rear of the sanctuary was best. The proposal would be to remove the unused and boarded off seating at the back of the Church to allow space to form a new Lower Session Room and Fellowship area.

Thomas Munro Architects were contracted by the Court to prepare and submit detailed drawings for Building Warrant, they have recently informed the Court that Building Warrant is Imminent. Further to permission being granted the court would put the works out for tender, and then present the proposals along with the associated costs to the congregation for their input.

Gavin Sutherland

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