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Two months ago, after comprehensively assessing over several months the needs of the community who live near or around the church, we identified loneliness, isolation and, in relation to people living in multiple occupancy accommodation especially, nowhere to go or nothing to do as critical needs which people wished to be addressed in some way by the church. We asked the congregation to seek God’s specific guidance as to what we should do practically in response to this and would now like to hear what God has been laying on your heart in response to your prayers. Could you please let us know what ideas you have either in writing (in an envelope marked ‘Discovery’) or in person to any of the Team listed below, as soon as possible.

Discovery Team:

  • Effie Finlay
  • Mairi Macaulay
  • Donnie MacLeod
  • Mike and Joan Casey
  • Cazza and Lorna Smith
  • Colin and Jessie MacLeod

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