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Chhapara Mission School, March 2014

Inverness and North Mission support for – Chhapara Mission School, India
Update – March 2014

On Saturday 15th February about 60 mission supporters gathered to have lunch and to enjoy fellowship. We listened to David Forbes from Farr, by Inverness, giving us the inside story of keeping a check on finance within Christian communities in India. For many years he was an accountant with the Emmanuel Hospital Association which took him to Lakhnadon hospital and many other centres. Sharing the same faith did not mean being totally familiar with cultural practices, so there was always a need to keep alert and listen carefully. He exhorted us to give as much support as possible to the school at Chhapara where the seed planted by former missionaries was now bearing fruit. From your generosity at the Lunch and from gifts given later, £1350.00 has now been sent to the school. From the Coffee Morning in November 2013, £1100.00 was sent. So .. £2450 has now been given towards providing better school accommodation in Chhapara. We are partners together in the Gospel with this Church, the Presbyterian Free Church of Central India whose school this is. With many thanks for all your support.

Mary Gillies

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