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Message for February

From the Manse

Dear Friends,

In this month’s newsletter are details of 2 older people who passed away recently- Christina J. Morrison and John D. Macleod. As I was thinking of them both and reflecting on their lives, I realised that they were so very different: Christina was very old (96), John relatively old (82); Christina died in a home, John died at home; Christina played a significant role in the war effort (1939-1945), John was just a boy at this time; Christina has had a book published, John has not; Christina came from and had a large family herself, John was an only child and never had family himself. There are many and varied ways in which their lives were so very different, which is true for most of us when we compare our lives to others.

But there are two things which they have in common. Firstly, they both died. Despite differences in life they share a common end. Though their paths in life may never have crossed, their pathways came together at the end. And so we also, in all our diversity and differences will share a common end. We too will die.

The other commonality they share is that they are with Jesus in Glory. Christina’s death notice in the Herald states, ‘safe in the arms of Jesus’. So true for those who take him by the hand in life (John 10. 28-29), because death is that event when he does let our hand go…..but only to pick us up in his arms (Isaiah 40. 11)

John ‘the gardener’ who loved his gardens, also loved the Lord and he is now with Jesus in Glory. Jesus promised one thief on the cross who trusted his life to him that he would be with him in Paradise (Luke 23. 43), and Paradise is that place that describes a ‘walled garden’- (Revelation 2:7 To him who overcomes, I will give the right to eat from the tree of life, which is in the paradise of God). John will be very much at home there!

What a great hope to have in common in life, despite all our diversities. Jesus, the One who unites us in a common purpose and direction. Jesus, the Hope of Glory. May we all put our hope in Him.

Your friend and Pastor

Rev Colin MacLeod

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