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Message for December

Ramblings from the Rev

Dear friends,

It’s that time of the year again! Christmas time has become a bit like marmite to so many of us- you either love it or loathe it because it’s become so commercialised. It has moved largely away from the winsomeness it was intended to exude and is now becoming increasingly wearisome; a burden more than a blessing. This is because, like so much in life, we spoil the good things that God gives us and turn them from good gifts into gods, all with the drop of an ‘o’. It’s so far removed from the very first Christmas when the Son of God was born into a world of darkness and sin to bring light and salvation to all who will believe in him.

Matthew’s version of the Christmas story presents us with an interesting take on our attitude to the Christ of Christmas.

Herod loathed Christ. We’re told that he was ‘disturbed’ (Matt 2:3), a word used to describe the raging seas that Jesus walked on later in his life. Herod loathed the idea of another King coming to usurp his position of authority. So also, some people loath not just Christmas, but the Christ too because He is Lord. Do you?

The religious leaders were lackadaisical towards him. Herod asked them where the Christ was to be born and they gladly pointed to Micah 5. 2 where it says, ‘but you, Bethlehem in the land of Judah, are by no means least among the rulers of Judah; for out of you shall come a ruler who will be the shepherd of my people Israel’ (Matt 2:6). This gave direction that the Magi from the east needed.....but the religious leaders remained unmoved and unconcerned. No enthusiasm at all! Some people are lackadaisical about Christ. Neither here nor there concerning him. Is that you?

The Magi, traditionally called the wise men, went to see Jesus and showed their love for him. We read, ‘when they saw the child with his mother Mary, they bowed down and worshipped him’ (Matt 2:11). Even though he was just a baby, they recognised him as King and Lord and Saviour. Do you? Do you love Jesus, the real reason for the season? Do you love the Christ of Christmas? He loves you and offers himself as that invaluable and incomparably wonderful gift to you not just at Christmas, but even now.

Make Christ the centre of your Christmas and ‘come, let us adore him’!

Your friend and Pastor


Rev Colin MacLeod

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