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Message for August

Musings from the Manse

Dear friends

‘Keswick’. What do you think of when you hear that? ‘Lake District’, ‘mountains’, ‘walks’, ‘rain’, ‘floods’? The name and the word conjures up all kinds of thoughts and ideas. For me when I think Keswick I think ‘great preaching and teaching, praise and company with other Christians from a diversity of backgrounds’. For 3 weeks every Summer the town of Keswick in Cumbria is swamped not with water (though it can be) but with around 5000 people each week, descending on it to enjoy and experience preaching and teaching in different contexts, praise in different ways and company with people who are very different but who are united with the same purpose- joining to worship the Lord Jesus Christ and grow in a life that is committed to him. If you haven’t gone, why don’t you think about it for 2017? You can go for a few days, a week or even more and at the same time enjoy and explore a lovely part of the world!

‘Christian’. What do people think of when they hear that word? ‘Holy’, ‘happy’, ‘friendly’, ‘churchy’, ‘bible-basher’, ‘serious’, ‘dour’, ‘cheesy’? Who knows what people think, but Christian is the name given to the first followers of Jesus Christ in Antioch who believed the Gospel message, turned to the Lord and committed their lives to following him (Acts 11:21-26); they received the Gospel, repented of sin and self, and remained true to Jesus. When the name Christian is uttered it really should give rise in people’s minds to this. If you haven’t yet done, why don’t you think about this for yourself, and resolve to become like the people in Antioch who were called Christian because of the impact Jesus Christ had in their lives?
Keswick; Christian. Consider and commit!

Your friend and Pastor
Rev Colin MacLeod

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