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Message for May

Dear Friends,

What thrills my heart more than anything is when the Lord brings someone to faith in Jesus Christ. I love to witness that and to hear of that. At our recent communions we were blessed to hear Annie Maclean, Annetta Crookes and Elise Ayres doing just that. I would like, with her permission, to share something about Elise with you

Elise said, ‘I am thankful to you all for being there for me and showing me that God is not dead, that Jesus died for my sins, that God loves me and that there’s lots of people who care for me’. She is trusting in Jesus Christ as her Saviour and Lord and wanted to obey the Lord by taking the bread and the wine.

Elise had been coming along to the Madras Street Sunday School for some time but when the Challenger Bus came to us last year the Lord really spoke to her and from that time on it’s been a blessing to see her grow and develop as a Christian.

With her permission I am reproducing a letter she wrote to the Challenger Bus team in which she describes her conversion to Christ.

Challenger Bus Team
Thank you for helping me out last year. I now realise that God is real. Since then I have asked God into my heart and so I became a Christian. I have also become a member at my church, the Free North, last weekend. I even read my Bible more every day. Hopefully next time we meet next year I will be finished reading my Bible.

I really enjoy the Challenger Bus and hopefully I might become a member on the Team one day. I still remember the first night last year when we watched the video that mentioned Laminin, the DNA cell that holds our bodies together and it’s in the shape of the cross.

So thank you for being there for me.
Elise Ayres(14)

Let us pray for and support Elise and the others who professed their faith at the communions. Let us pray for many more to recognise and understand the wrath of God poured out on Jesus and the love of God poured into Christ and what we are called to do is simply to trust in Jesus and by so doing knowing God’s wrath dealt with and love expressed.

Your friend and pastor
Rev Colin MacLeod

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