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Message for Summer

Dear Friends,

The weather has been so changeable over the last number of weeks. Sunshine and showers, hot and cold, windy and calm, and sometimes all of these in the space of just one day!

Most of us love the sun. It not only brings warmth and light but literally brightens our day and can serve to gladden our hearts. And so whatever the weather I try to remember that no matter how dull, dreich, dour or even dismal the day might be, no matter how dark the clouds and heavy the rain, the sun is always in the sky; it doesn’t cease to exist; it’s just I can’t see it, and sooner than I think, the sun will again shine through in all its brilliance and radiance.

There is of course a more superior and more important sun, the Son who rules and reigns and shines on us with his saving grace; Jesus, the Son of God. He plunged into the darkness of death and judgment for our sin but rose again and ascended into the highest heavens in order to bless us and do us good.

There are times when our days are similar to the weather- dull, dreich, dour or even dismal, and it is on these days we need to remind ourselves that the Son is still there; we just can’t see him as at other times, or feel his presence as at other times, but sooner than we think the Son will break through and shine on you once again. You must just keep looking to him and for him each and every day asking ‘Lord bless and pity us, shine on us with your face’ (Ps 67:1).

Have a great summer, and I hope you get lots of the Son!

Your friend and Pastor
Rev Colin MacLeod

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