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Annual Buffet Supper

Annual Buffet Supper

The June meeting of the Women’s Group was our annual Buffet Supper open to all the congregation and friends. Over 70 people came along to enjoy fellowship and food – and judging by the volume of chatter and the empty plates it was a successful evening on both counts! The sum of £630.40 was raised for the WfM Project for 2014-15 – thank you. The collection taken on the evening that Alan Dunbar spoke was forwarded to CAP and the rest of the collections over the session (£85) was sent to the WfM ‘Support a Volunteer’ fund.

Is there a desire to have a meal on a Saturday at 5pm, which may be a better time for the older folks and for families? There could be food more suitable for the children – please let Jane or Jessie know if you think this is something you would like and would support.

Jane MacLeod

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