UCCF: The Christian Unions

UCCF: The Christian Unions

Below is an extract from Emma MacAulay’s latest e-mail, with news of the work she is involved in as a Relay Worker with UCCF:

“I hope you are well! Thank you for your continued support and prayers – it’s been wonderful to see the Lord answering these prayers and blessing the work amongst the CUs in the last few weeks. September has ended and life as a Relay worker is starting to take shape. Hopefully this email will give you an idea of what that looks like and help you get to know Napier and Galashiels CUs a bit better as you pray for them and for me working alongside them.

“Over the next few weeks I’ll be getting into a routine of working practically with the CUs, meeting with some students one-to-one to read the Bible and getting stuck into the Relay study programme. It has been a blessing to spend time looking at key Christian doctrine over the past few weeks in the core study programme.

Freshers’ Week
It was so good seeing the CUs in action during Freshers’ Week! They did a great job of welcoming all the new students and it’s encouraging to see friendships developing in the CU since then. Gala’s Dial-a-Donut was a real highlight of the week. The idea is that people text in a question about God, the CU then brings them a free donut and tries to answer their question. So many good and thoughtful questions were asked by students in their halls which sparked deeper discussions when we delivered their donuts. It was great to see folk from all sorts of backgrounds engaging with some big questions like “Why choose Christianity?”, “What is sin?” and “Does everything happen for a reason?” The Gala girls were really encouraged by the conversations they had and how popular the event was – in the end I think we bought the entire town’s supply of donuts to meet the demand! Happy days.

Getting to know students in both Gala and Napier’s Christian Unions over the past few weeks has been a real joy. Napier CU is made up of around 30 students. This term they are studying the book of Daniel in their main meetings, encouraging them to live distinctive lives as Christians. During the week they have an international café and have recently launched Campus Groups. The university is spread over three different sites, with these new groups acting as mini mission teams to help students share the gospel on their specific campus. They will meet together each week to pray, be fueled by the Bible and organise outreach events each month. I’m excited to help lead one of these Campus Groups over the year ahead as we learn from the gospel of John together.

The campus at Gala is an extension of Heriot-Watt University, teaching mainly fashion and textiles in the Borders hub of Galashiels. It is a small campus with a CU of around ten students. They meet each week to study the Bible together and also have a weekly prayer breakfast. This semester I’ll be leading their Bible studies using the framework of God’s Big Picture by Vaughn Roberts. This series looks at how the Bible fits together by seeing how God’s plan for saving us through Jesus unfolds from Genesis to Revelation. On Tuesday we had our first study in this series looking at chapters one and two of Genesis – the creation of the world and God’s intimate relationship with mankind as they lived under his loving authority.


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    Emma MacAulay says

    Hi Ji!
    Napier CU meets on Monday nights, 7pm, at the Merchiston Campus. I think they’ve probably finished for the term but more details can be found on their Facebook page. Hope that helps!

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    Ji says

    Hi Emma et al – where/when is the Craiglockhart (Napier) one (where i am based)? ji

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