It is our vision to reach the city of Inverness with the news of the Gospel. To do this we seek to:

Preach Christ crucified in a consistent, contemporary and confessional manner.

We believe the Church exists to tell the world the Good News about Jesus Christ. We know the Bible is not out of date or irrelevant; rather, it is God’s Word for us today. As such, we seek to preach the whole Bible in a way which is engaging, contemporary and applicable to our own lives. As a Church, we subscribe to The Apostles’ Creed, The Nicene Creed and The Westminster Confession of Faith.

Practise Christ’s compassion in a practical and purposeful manner

As a Church we believe it is necessary not only to speak of Christ’s compassion but also to show it. As such, there are many activities which take place each month. All of these can be found in the What’s On page under the Events menu. We also have several Pastoral Care teams comprising of elders, deacons and members of the Free North who engage in visitation and offer spiritual and practical support.

We are very privileged to have many young people in the congregation, so we run a Mentoring Scheme to support them. Through this, each young person is assigned an older, mature Christian who can offer guidance and assistance when they face difficulties and decisions in their lives.

Recently, we have been going through TEAR Fund’s Discovery Process, assessing the needs of the community around the church building to ascertain what we can provide in the name of Jesus. We hope the end result will be a practical provision of service.

Through the Madras Street Mission we facilitate a weekly Foodbank in conjunction with Blythswood and offer support for people with addictions through our Road to Recovery service. Also, through what is called ‘The Haven’, a house attached to the hall, we provide a space for people to receive encouragement, advice and help.

Each of these provisions shows the compassion of Christ in very practical and purposeful ways. It is our hope that through them many will come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

Promote Christ’s Kingdom locally, nationally and internationally

As a Church, we are committed to promoting the work of the Gospel through supporting other churches and organisations at a local, national and international level.

We have members in the Free North who are involved in Street Pastors and we support the mission work of outside agencies such as Blythswood and TEAR Fund, as well that of our own denomination’s International Missions Board.

We know we are but a small part of the wider church, so we seek to encourage and work with others who share our faith so that, together, we may build a strong witness for Christ in our city and nation.