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Challenger Bus

Challenger Bus Mission
The PWAMM (People with a Mission Ministry) Challenger Team are returning to work alongside us for two weeks of schools work from Monday 21 April to Saturday 3 May, with a particular focus on evening outreach to the community of Merkinch from Monday 28th April to Saturday 3rd May.

The Team provides RME Teaching to schools under the Curriculum for Excellence using the bus as a ‘vehicle’ (pardon the pun) for this purpose during the day whilst in the evenings from 21st April and on Saturday afternoon of 3rd May the bus will be located outside the Madras Street Hall and will be used to provide a programme of fun activities and Gospel messages for Primary and Secondary age young people.

On Friday 2nd May we’re having a Gospel Music Night at 7.30pm with a PWAMM choir singing and Colin preaching a Gospel message. This is aimed at adults in the community in particular. On Saturday 3rd May from 2-4pm we’re having a Family Afternoon in the Hall and on the Bus with BBQ, fun activities, puppet show etc and the Mission concludes on Saturday evening with a Final Evening Rally starting at 6.30pm.
Fuller details of the schools to be visited, the programmes being delivered in the evenings and matters for prayer are included in sheets available at the doors in the church. There will also be an opportunity to hear about and pray for the mission at the mid week meeting on Wednesday 23rd April at 7.30pm when the Team will be present and the Bus parked on Church Street.

Several folk will be involved in the Mission providing catering and accommodation for the Team as well as being involved in the evening work and thank you to all who are helping in this way. In addition to this if you can help by

Colin Macleod

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