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Notice of Induction

Induction of the Rev Angus MacRae

The Free Presbytery of Inverness, Lochaber & Ross, has resolved to proceed to the induction of the Rev Angus Macrae, who has been duly called to be Minister of the Inverness-Free North congregation. Accordingly Presbytery do issue their edict, giving notice to all persons concerned, and especially to members of this Congregation, that, if any of them have anything to object to the life or doctrine of the said Mr Macrae they must substantiate the objections to the satisfaction of the Presbytery by contacting Presbytery by telephone (07900 664676) at a meeting to be held in Smithton Free Church on Sunday, 29th March 2020 at 17.30 hours. Presbytery certify that, if no one offer any relevant objection, the Presbytery will then forthwith proceed to the induction of the said Mr Macrae to the pastoral charge of this Congregation. If someone offer an objection which requires further investigation, then Presbytery will defer the induction of Mr Macrae until such time as the matter is considered and resolved.

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