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Women’s Meeting

Women’s Meetings

Our meeting on Tuesday, 6 May was a slightly different meeting to what we had planned, but nonetheless a happy gathering where we heard of the journey of a fellow Christian friend. We must share our experience with you all and let you know how the Lord provided for us in such a meaningful and practical way. It was scheduled to be taken by David Friend, the City Goldsmith. Unfortunately, David had to cancel! The time of the message was early afternoon! Well where do you find someone at such short notice? Yes, there was an answer to prayer and Margaret Morrison from Evanton. Margaret is quite well known for her talent. She makes lots of lovely things using Harris Tweed. We were taken to many far flung places during the journey on which the Lord had taken her and her husband, Rev D. Morrison. The evening was special in many ways – there was the testimony, the tweeds, and the shopping. The singing was good – and we managed to keep the pitch. A very happy time was had together.

Donalda MacKenzie

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